Thursday, December 17, 2009

day one hundred ten.

Day One Hundred Ten 12/16/2009 
Dress: White and Red Strapless Dress

Purchased From:  Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased:  Fall 2009
Price: $5
Accessories: Black boots, black tights, red scarf, black longsleeve shirt, black cardigan, black snearky snow boots, blue fingerless anchor gloves and, black ear flap hat and later in the day my red knit hat
Hair and Makeup:  pigtails, usual makeup 

Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Michael asked what the dress was made of because the fabric is so hard, later in the day when I switched to my red hat someone said I looked like Mrs. Claus.  


Today was another busy day but not as fun. We woke up and I had coffee with MIchael's Dad and we chatted until I had to go work. It was a super dog walk filled day, figures since it was also super cold outside.  I worked a lot, stopped home for lunch and worked some more.  I managed to squeeze in a Trader Joe's visit and a trip to Target.  My main purpose at Target was to  retrieve the little plastic piece on the Mr. Coffee machine that releases water/coffee into the pot when the pot puts pressure on it. This tiny stupid little piece broke on our coffee maker last week and I couldn't find anywhere online that sold just that piece.  So I was a very bad person and I stole the little piece from the display and now voila, the coffee maker is fixed.  Forgive me, I have sinned.  I spend an insane amount of money at Target and feel like they can at least give me this one.  I'll be very happy not to have to french press the coffee tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll pretend I'm in a Jetsons episode when I press the brew button.  Fancy.  After dabbling in petty theft I dragged my sorry ass to the gym, the second day in a row in quite some time. I am taking it back.  There was a short period of time in my life where I started enjoying the gym and going four times a week without complaint.  I want that back.   

I came home and made a dinner of marinated and sauteed seitan, peppers, onions and mushrooms with tzatziki sauce, pita bread and a tomato feta salad.  I probably negated all of my hard work at the gym by consuming that dinner.  Oh well.  Our dishwasher randomly stopped working last night so Michael investigated by cursing at it a lot.  He eventually diagnosed the problem and we'll order the part we need and replace it. I have no idea how he does stuff like this, it's foreign to me.  I can't even fathom how to start doing something like that.  Not that I failed metal shop or anything, I mean please don't forget I did fix the coffee machine today.

I really really want to go take a shower and put my hair in curlers but that smacks of so much effort at the moment I might have to postpone the event.  

Today's dress is some weird handmade thing found at Circle Thrift.  The red color ran onto the white but that kind of thing doesn't really bother me and maybe I'll get up the energy to dye it at some point.  I wore it stains and all today but not before ripping off the ugly straps and turning into a strapless odd masterpiece.  It's really kind of weird and unflattering and even a little uncomfortable since the fabric is so stiff but I still really like it. Novelty is so not lost on me.   It was recold (instead of saying the word retarded, which I know is evil an mean, I will just put re in front of the word, hence one step closer to not using that word, or maybe not) today so I layered and bundled and this dress just happened to be one of the layers.   I am really into red lately.  I didn't realize how many red dresses I actually owned until I did this blog.  A new red scarf and hat are certainly fueling my red love.  I dug my snow boots from the back of the closet for added warmth.  I forgot how silly they are. They're like slightly platformy sneakers with snow boots attached to them.  They're from Target.  See, see how much I shop at Target.   I also wore a Strawberry Shortcake necklace I've had since I was a wee lad.   If this dress was softer I'd probably wear it a lot.  I love the weird woven red parts.  I wish I knew who made it.  

bed. or shower and rag curls and then bed. i don't know. 


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