Sunday, January 10, 2010

day one hundred thirty-four and day one hundred thirty-five.

Day One Hundred Thirty-four 1/9/2010
Dress: Strawberry Print Cotton Dress
Purchased From:  Conway
Year or Era Purchased:  Winter 2009
Price: $3.99
Accessories: Black tights, green flats, black cardigan, red and white cotton belt
Hair and Makeup:  Up in a bun with bangs (finally clean), usual makeup, extra black eyeliner

So yeah, this is more of a night shirt but it's so cute and long enough to be a dress so I slapped a belt on it and called it a dress.  I love it a lot.  I didn't put it on until 7:30PM last night since I stayed in my jammies all day, much like I'm doing today.  Yep, I'm updating Saturday's post on Sunday and that is because I got entirely too drunk to update last night.  So drunk in fact that I threw up on the bathroom floor.  Wow.  Let me explain.  I didn't feel like doing anything yesterday and I was a big ball of suck.  I got out of bed around noon and made a big breakfast that somehow didn't get eaten until after 4PM.  Later in the evening I found it impossible to get motivated to make plans or do anything until I suggested to Michael that we play some Dr. Mario.  This then led me to the brilliant realization that we should go buy the new Super Mario Bros. for the Wii.  I hurriedly dressed in my new night shirt strawberry dress so we could go buy it at Target.  I also stopped at the wine and spirits shop to grab some wine, a decision I would later regret.  While at Target I spotted their new valentine jammie items including a red shirt emblazoned with an image of a squirrel holding a heart and the words love bites.  It's amazing.  We purchased the game and Michael sort of dragged me out of there.  Once home it was family game night.  Michael, Steve and I settled in on the couch for some Super Mario Bros. teamwork.  At one point (about half a bottle of wine deed) I decided it was a good idea to do shots.  Michael and Steve agreed and we proceeded to consume shots of blackberry brandy because we are old ladies.  It probably didn't help that I didn't eat dinner save for pretzels and popcorn and kept chugging glasses of red wine.  According to Michael I went through a bit more than a bottle.  I say according to Michael because I don't so much have full recognition of the last hour or so of my night.  I do remember projectile vomiting a lovely shade of crimson on the floor of the computer room, bathroom and eventually into the toilet.  I vaguely remember thinking I was throwing up blood.  I also apparently sobbed and yelled a bit too.  I think it might be a little while before I drink, let alone drink red wine.  I'm finally feeling better.  I woke up today on the couch when Michael came to get me .  I guess I got irrationally angry with him but I have no idea why.  After he put me to bed I got mad about who knows what and went to sleep on the couch.  I do not remember this at all.  I drank water and took ibuprofen (I know I should not after drinking, I do it anyway) and fell back asleep for hours.  Around 1PM I got out of bed and attempted eating since I was so nauseous and hungry.  I tried eating a bagel and made it most of the way through it and kept it down.  I spent the rest of the day in bed watching episodes of Law and Order Special Victims on Netflix instant play. I am still in my pajamas and haven't decided if I'm going to put on a dress today or not.  I think it might hurt to do so.  We'll see.  I'll update later if I actually get the motivation and or strength.  Ugh.  


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