Monday, February 1, 2010

day one hundred fifty-seven.

spray foam insulation glory!

Day One Hundred Fifty-seven 2/1/10
Purchased From:  Somewhere in the King of Prussia Mall
Year or Era Purchased:  2000ish
Price: $?20?
Accessories:  Black tights, black leg warmers, black snow boots, black hoodie
Hair and Makeup: brushed, no makeup

So this dress, yeah this dress is going into the to go pile.  It was actually already in the pile but I threw it on today. I used to love it so. I remember I bought it while shopping with my friend Sue at the King of Prussia mall but for the life of me I can't remember which store.  Maybe I should reenact the Guns n' Roses song "Used to Love Her" and bury this dress in my backyard.  The boob area is constantly creeping upwards making my boobs look sort of weird and alien and the fabric is so not flattering.  Without stomach flu my gut would have been protruding in a most heinous manner.  I like the colors but something about all of it is very sad to me, like pathetic sad.  I still like the length of the dress and the sleeves.  Maybe someone will give it love if I donate it.  It might be funnier to bury it.  We'll see. 

I ate solid food and kept in in my body today! Joy! I woke up and didn't feel absolutely terrible.  Since I had 11 jobs today that was awesome.  There is no way I would've been able to work feeling the way I felt this weekend. I got up and took Michael to the train and immediately started working.  In this time I got a call from a client that she had fallen over the weekend and maybe cracked a rib, blah, blah.  I say blah, blah because it's every other day with her and her crazy issues.  I realized today that she is a much more severe alcoholic than I once I thought.  A handle of vodka in her fridge that was purchased on Tuesday now has only an inch of liquid left in its lifespan.  She's older and quite small and I believe this drinking is on top of many bottles of wine.  I'm not sure what to do at this point.  She falls down a lot and blames it on being old.  I think she drinks excessively at night and falls on her way to pee.  I have no clue how she falls in such ways to injure herself the way she does.  It looks like she went a few rounds with a prize fighter, not the bathroom floor.  The things you see when dog walking...the things people let you see, well mainly just her, they're crazy. 

After a few jobs I stopped at the grocery store and made a quick trip to Super Thrift where I scored five dresses for $13, one of them a maternity dress for my best friend who is six months pregnant.  It's super cute and I'm so wearing it first so I can add another day to this blog :) Sorry Sue! I keep giving her hand-me-down dresses from this blog since a lot of them are big and I cinch them they'll be adequate for a pregnant belly.  

After working a crazy long day and dealing with my alcoholic client I came home and cleaned up the house a bit.  I picked Michael up from the the train and came home to start dinner.  Our friend and crazy carpenter/contractor/etc. friend Matt and his wife Ramona came over so Matt could take a look at the work he'd be doing in the coming weeks and give us preparation instructions. This work, which will enable our third floor to become our master bedroom, will require me to move most of my life for a bit. This includes my desk/computer/writing station.  Boo. I love it so.  I decorated the walls exactly as I wanted them and set up my desk just so.  I keep it messy most of the time but it has a bit of order to it.  Now I have to move it all so a hole can be cut into the floor for plumbing to run to our third floor so we can have a bathroom. 

I suppose it's for the greater good.  I have to pack up a ton of crap.  I also have to pack up our entire linen closet, which includes two shelves of medicines, first aid, hair dye, soaps, etc. and of course a ton of other random crap including a huge amount of unpacked boxes.  I guess I'll spend Wednesday night cleaning. Weeee.  Because tomorrow night I will not be cleaning anything.  I will be parking my ass on the couch for Lost.  Soooo excited! 

We finally ate dinner around 9 and watched some tv.  Since my belly is still recovering I made rice and veggie chicken and served it with portobello mushrooms and asparagus.  I don't know if it was too much too soon or what but stomach flu was at it again and now poor Michael might have it.  Frowny face. I really hope tomorrow is free of this horrid mess called stomach flu.  It's not even actually a freaking flu.  Dumb. 


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