Tuesday, February 9, 2010

day one hundred sixty-five.

red eye correction equals crazy eyes. boo. 

Day One Hundred Sixty-five 2/9/10
Dress: Brown Turtleneck/Polka Dot Skirt Dress

Purchased From: Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010
Price: $2.50
Accessories:  jeans, hunter wellies, yellow cardigan, pink hat, green neckerchief
Hair and Makeup: down and slightly curled, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A client liked my hair, a stranger liked my boots

It's snowing again.  Crazy.  Our backyard is going to be engulfed.  I hope my white trash backyard neighbor's already mostly destroyed canopy thing finally caves in totally so I don't have to look at it anymore.  I suppose the squirrels do enjoy using it though.  I've already had three cancellations for tomorrow so that rules.  I am hoping for more.  I hate driving and trying to park when there's several feet of snow on the ground.  Ugh.  It will at least be a short day.  I plan to make a chocolate stout cake tomorrow with my extra time.  It will be my first from scratch cake.  I might also make this cauliflower soup vegetarianized.   Winter/snowstorm cooking is the best.  I do try to embrace this season even though I mostly hate it. 

This dress is fun in that I sort of felt like I was living on the edge by wearing a shirt and skirt combo.  I know that's nerdy.  I got it half off at Circle Thrift because it was the color tag of the week.  It's probably a little to young for me but I haven't fully accepted my age yet so that's fine.  I went with all Autumnal colors today.  It was my silent protest against winter.  

The day was pretty uneventful.  I worked a long day in the snow, trudging around and driving cautiously.  After work I went to Target for valentine's and slippers for Michael and ingredients for my cake.  The slippers were too damn small for Michael.  Good thing Target has an entire wall of flip flops right now but only eight pairs of men's and zero pairs of women's slippers in stock right now, while there's 20+inches of snow melting and 20+ inches of snow coming!  Fucking hell these buyers/stockers/merchandisers are nuts.  It's too soon, too soon.  

I made smart dogs and mac n' cheese for dinner and we watched Lost.  Rob McElhenney from Always Sunny was in it.  That made MIchael really excited.  I guess I should go to bed now since I will most likely have to venture outside in this mess tomorrow.  Ugh. Winter, I am over you. 


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