Wednesday, February 10, 2010

day one hundred sixty-six.

Day One Hundred Sixty-six 2/10/10
Dress: Pink Vintage Slip

Purchased From: Super Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010
Price: $1.95
Accessories:  black tights, pink welly socks, green wellies, black cardigan, pink girls necklace,  pink hat, shades of pinks pashmina scarf
Hair and Makeup: down and slightly curled, usual makeup, extra black
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: none



Here's my newest slip. I love it because it is a slip and because it is pink.  Fun.  I paired it with a pink hat and pink jewelry, a necklace from Art Star.  

I woke up late and meandered around praying for my final cancellation.  It finally arrived via text at 12:03PM.    The day got away from me but I enjoyed it all.  I made coffee and cleaned the kitchen, which is when I saw Maalox on the fence post shivering in the cold.  He broke my heart.  It looks like something attacked him but he was successful at defending himself.  He's missing half of his tail and a lot of fur around his neck.  He's also red and looks tender around his bald spots.  Poor little guy.  I dumped an entire bag of peanuts on his table and watched him eat for the next half hour or so while I did the dishes. It's been about three and half years that I've been feeding him so I guess he's pretty old.  Poor little dude. I always know it's him because he has a slit in his ear and will come right up to me.  He almost climbed me once.  I wish he could've come in and sat by the fire today.  

I spent almost my entire day in the kitchen cleaning and cooking.  I made breakfast for Michael, Steve and I since the mayor told people to stay inside and eat a hot breakfast.  Plus the boys shoveled while I cooked.  Thanks boys.  We drank mimosas and I built a fire.  Later in the day I made my first ever from scratch cake and a lovely cauliflower soup with truffle oil.  I didn't use the recipe I posted yesterday.  Instead I opted for another recipe on  It also involved truffle oil.  I added some olive tapenade too and served it with crusty buttered bread.  I made boys into happy boys tonight.  The cake I made was this chocolate stout cake. It was amazing.  Clearly I suck at icing and making it pretty, but it sure tasted like a dream about unicorns and rainbows and chocolate rivers.  

I am so dreading tomorrow.  The snow levels are insane.  Do not want.  


Sherry said...

You look adorable.

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