Monday, March 1, 2010

day one hundred eighty-five.

Day One Hundred Eighty-five 3/1/10 

Dress: Purple Overall Dress

Purchased From: Thrift Fair

Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010

Price: $3.95

Accessories: Brown tights, purple ruffle socks, hunter wellies, black t-shirt, bow barrette

Hair and Makeup: clean, blown dry and curled a little, usual makeup 

Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael complimented my hair 

Ugh, total case of the Mondays.  Today pretty much sucked.  I did manage to drag myself to the gym, a good thing since I was very bad at the eating/dieting thing yesterday and scarfed down enchiladas.  I'm sort of back track if you don't count the five girl scout cookies I ate tonight.  

I'm super boring right now and have been busy wasting my life away with the couch/tv combo and obsessively looking at decorating websites, currently addicted to  I fear I will hate all of my stuff when we move to our third floor, master bedroom, like when I have a fat day and all of my clothes are ugly or too worn.  Our drywall is up and almost done, just needs sanded.  Next up is tiling, bathroom parts purchasing/installation, painting, floors, etc.  We are so close though! I'm super excited.   

Today's dress reflected the day, I just didn't care much and knew this oversized weird purple sack would provide me with the comfort I was seeking in a Monday after working the weekend. I'm not sure if I'll keep this one,  I like the grey version from day one hundred seventy-eight much better.  I bought both of these dresses from the same thrift store at different times but I have to assume they had the same owner.  I can't imagine buying these dresses full price with a burning desire for multiple colors but then again I did buy them both.  There's just something about pockets and an overall style that I can't resist.  


Mom said...

You and your grandmother just love pockets.

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