Tuesday, March 2, 2010

day one hundred eighty-six.

Day One Hundred Eighty-six 3/2/10 

Dress: Black and White Sundress
Purchased From: Conway
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010
Price: $1.00
Accessories: blueish green tights, black boots, grey cardigan, grey cowl from offthechains 
Hair and Makeup: brushed, usual makeup heavy on the eyes

This dress was $1, one dollar! And at a real store too.  I don't actually like it at all but if you cut some holes in a potato sack, threw it into a retail store and slapped a one dollar price tag on it I'd probably buy it.  Sure it's all cute when it's pulled out or when it billows up upon rapid downward inclination but in its natural state it's really lacking in structure and just doesn't flatter my figure.  This is the sort of dress that would look fabulous on a borderline sick looking skinny person.  But still, $1!!!!  I specifically hated the ill fitting boob area so I added my current favorite accessory, the giant neck cowl. It kept me warm and my boobs covered.  The cups of the bodice are too long and don't flatter larger bossoms, again super skinny slightly boobless girl could rock this dress hard.  I also hated the way it rode up and got stuck all up in my coat while I walked.  I think it was the cotton fabric/tights combination.  I could've done with a slip.  I think I'm also over these boots, maybe over jeans but I just dont' love them like I used to.  The wellies ruined me.   All in all it was an eh day and I don't think the dress helped. 

I don't know what is wrong with me but I need to snap out of it right quick.  My motivation and production levels have been slashed like bargain basement prices.  I think I need some sunshine.  Today in the park I saw at least fifty robins and that gave me hope. I need some serious energy because tomorrow marks my return to helping with the house, something I have been severely slacking on for most of our stay here.  The drywall is done and now come the parts I can participate in- cleaning, scrubbing, priming, painting.  I need to abandon my routine of dinner, couch, television, blog, bed.  It's not cute.  


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