Thursday, March 11, 2010

day one hundred ninety-four.

Day One Hundred Ninety-four 3/10/10 
Dress: Alice In Wonderland Costume Dress
Purchased From: Pierre's Costume Shop
Year or Era Purchased: Fall 2005
Price: $35.00ish
Accessories: black tights, black boots, black cardigan
Hair and Makeup: Blow dried straight, sometimes pulled back, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: The boy taking our tickets at the theater said I looked like Alice even before he saw my ridiculous costume, Sue and my Mom thought the dress was cute and didn't call me crazy. 

It was a lovely, busy day.  I woke up, cleaned the bathroom, worked and then picked up my friend Sue and we drove to the suburbs to meet my Mom for dinner at China King followed by a viewing of Alice in Wonderland 3D.  It was really lovely.  I dug out my old costume for the occasion.  Luckily I wore a jacket all day and hid most of this crazy person outfit.  Don't get me wrong, I love it, it's just that I certainly felt crazy walking around Philadelphia in a slutty Alice in Wonderland costume in the middle of March.  Plus this thing is ridiculously short.  I wore big boy shorts underwear on top of my tights just in case the wind was being mean.  


LaToya said...

This is beautiful! My bf is trying to drag me to go see the movie!

Jody said...

amazing. awesome. amazing. i'm talking about you, lady!

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