Saturday, March 20, 2010

day two hundred and three.

Day Two Hundred Three 3/19/10 
Dress: Aqua Blue Vintage Dress
Purchased From: Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010
Price: $5
Accessories: black and cream knee socks, black flats, later in the day black tights, black heels
Hair and Makeup: ponytail for the first part, headband and blown out for the night time, usual makeup with purple eyeshadow
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A client lady called me pretty and so did Michael

I am tired and just wrote the last two days blogs because I suck and didn't do it for days.  Oops.  I did wear the dresses though. Eh.   It was a fine day.  I worked and it was gorgeous outside, 72 degrees or so.  I worked and went to the gym and then Michael and I had a date night dinner at Horizon's, a night cap at our local bar followed by some mario at home.  This dress is pretty and fun but it makes me feel kind of young and a little dumb for some reason.  It's very doll like I suppose.  The collar is weird and formed from at least four overlapping points.  This is one of my favorite colors but I always feel silly wearing it.  Bed now.  


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