Tuesday, March 16, 2010

day two hundred!


Day Two Hundred 3/16/10 
Dress: Black and Cream Ruffly tuxedo inspired Dress
Purchased From: Conway
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010
Price: $12.99
Accessories: brown weirdly patterned tights, green flats, grey cardigan, later in the evening my purple bow by Rachel Turanski of Off The Chain Designs
Hair and Makeup: bangs pulled back with weird Hassidic style long sideburn pieces with the rest in a ponytail, down with my cool bow worn hippie headband style, usual makeup with extra black stuff later in the evening
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A client said I looked very stylishMichael liked my tights, I got lots of bow compliments and general blog compliments

I'm tired, and headachey and cranky.  We went out to 700 tonight for a 40th birthday karaoke celebration.  In sticking with my diet I didn't drink plus I had a headache that the karaoke didn't really help.  It was nice to see friends though.  Unfortunately my living room is inundated with boys playing video games so watching the dvr'd Lost is now out of the question, something I'm a little pissy about.  Happy two hundredth day.  Jesus. Can you tell I'm approaching my special lady time.  Watch out. 

I still have a few dresses left in my arsenal of dresses from some time ago and I just keep going to thrift stores out of habit.  I used to peruse the whole store but now I just find myself habitually visiting the dress sections with an occasional dabble in the sweater section for cute cardigans.   I need to wear the old dresses but they're terrible, well some are. Some need repairs and some don't fit and probably wouldn't for a long time.  I've lost about five pounds now on my current calorie counting escapade, ten since this time last year.  I'm using the Lose It on my iphone, again.  I used it last year and it worked and then I stopped.  I still have fifteen to twenty to go and should be just fine by July 10.  We'll see if I make it until then.  

I got this dress at Conway and it's the kind of dress I would have purchased even if I wasn't trying to stretch out this dress blog for some ridiculous period of time.  I love the cream color and the style of it.  It's romantic but comfortable.  I wore it all day to walk dogs and then out tonight with a few hair and makeup changes.  It's really sad that the $12.99 price tag at first seemed too much to me.  I definitely shop at thrift stores too much nowadays.  

My day was long and I managed to somehow lose a key to a house I needed to get into today.  Ugh.  I hate when I mess up at things so very much. I worked a ton today, somehow spent over $100 at Trader Joe's, made an awesome dinner of sauteed mushrooms, kale and almonds with cajun spice rubbed pan seared tofu with a white wine sauce, twice baked potato and side salad.  Yum.  It all came in under 800 calories. Word.  Of course now I''m hungry and my orange snack did not cut it.  Mayhaps a one hundred calorie bag of popcorn or my bed is in order, maybe both.  


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