Tuesday, April 27, 2010

day two hundred forty.

Day Two Hundred forty 4/25/2010
Dress:  Blue Crushed Velvet Vintage Dress w/ Pockets!
Purchased From: Sazz Vintage 
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $5
Accessories:  Black tights, black high high top sneaker boots
Hair and Makeup:  not even brushed, usual makeup

There's not much to say about this waste of day and dress.  Woke up on the floor around noon, moved to couch leaving Michael on the floor.  My pounding head would not let me get back to sleep so I stayed awake anticipating the rise of Steve and Michael.  Jared moving about his apartment woke them, leaving me free of guilt.  I dressed, writhed in pain a bit and then we finally headed to Capriotti's for veggie turkey hoagies.  I also stopped into the Great Pumpkin for coconut water and a vegetarian slim jim.  Yup.  We got home and Michael and I set up shop on the couch.  Veggie turkey hoagies comas led to naps, which led to it being night time, which lead to us watching more television and then that led into me making mashed potatoes and tofu with a horseradish vinaigrette, which led into watching The Pacific, which led to bed.   Exciting hangover day!!! 


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