Sunday, April 4, 2010

day two hundred seventeen.

Day Two Hundred Seventeen 4/2/10 
Dress: Navy Blue Ruffled Shirt Dress
Purchased From: Ross
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010
Price: $12.99
Accessories: Grey Argyle Fishnets, black sneaker boots, white flower hair clip, 
Hair and Makeup: 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A few compliments but I can't remember them all. The lady that said I could lose some weight a few weeks back said I was looking skinnier.  Ha.


Beautiful day! This dress is another in my new navy blue arsenal.  I love it.  I originally wore some flesh colored fishnets but the entire crotch totally ripped out them so after my gym visits I went sans tights until I got home an changed.  That kind of sucked and made me feel self conscious all day.  Oh well.  I started my day by going to Benjamin Moore with our friend and contractor, Matt, to pick out and buy paint.  We chose two greens- rosemary and I think stem green for two walls in our bedroom and cool aqua for our bathroom.  I took a feathery headband into the store to match to a paint chip.  I'm super excited for that one! 

I then worked, went to the gym, cancelled my membership since a much closer gym offers the same $19.99/month rate, shopped a bit at one of my favorite stores, Conway, and then headed home to hang out with friends.  We headed out to an art show made up of Twin Peaks inspired art.  On the way there I encountered a cab driver who caused me to experience the worst road rage I have ever experienced in my entire life.   I was attempting to turn onto Girard Ave in a northbound position, making a right turn and yielding to oncoming traffic as I had a stop sign and they didn't.  A cab was next to me, double parked, facing southbound and picking up a fare while I was heading north. He picked up his fare and proceeded to back into oncoming traffic, attempting to kill a bunch of people and snake my spot in line, almost hitting me in the process because his turning radius was not what he thought it was.  I was having none of this because cab drivers do not scare me.  I drive around this city as much as they do and I like to consider myself fairly skilled at it.  I inched up so he couldn't go, estrogen pumping through my blood in full force, all while traffic was just as angry with him for trying to back up into their lives.  I made sure to block him enough so I got to go first but he just chose to dart out into the farthermost lane.  Full of rage I did a fake and controlled "I'm going to crash into you" quick swerve into his lane.  I am pretty sure I was screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs with the window down.  He then proceeded to tell me from his open window that I "should learn how to drive".  Yeah, sure the swerve was unnecessary but it was full of purpose and clearly shows how controlled and good I am at driving, duh.  Dick.  And also hello, he was the one who backed into oncoming traffic! What the fuck.  I felt bad for Michael and the two Steves in the car with me but they backed me up.  Sheesh.  

We arrived at the art show and it was pretty awesome, though much smaller than I had anticipated.  I bought a piece for $20, a canvas print of The Arm.  I'm pretty excited about it.  There were some really awesome pieces, including a wooden pinhole birdhouse with Laura Palmer and Agent Cooper inside, see below for highlights: 

They also had a black lodge set up in the back.  Orsborn took the picture and cut out the most important part, the zig zag floor. Oh well.   

After hanging out at the show for quite some time we met up with Chad and Lindsay at her store, The Chic Petique  where I met a fatty fat orange cat.  I tried to convince Michael he should be ours but I don't think I even came close.  We then headed to Silk City for a late night dinner.  We sat in their beer garden and froze, despite the heat lamps.  It was a lovely night, minus the dumb dumb cab driver.  I wish I could write him a letter and explain to him how he was wrong.  Maybe he'll read my blog.  


Kathy said...

I love this dress and you look super skinny by the way

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