Sunday, April 11, 2010

day two hundred twenty-four.

Day Two Hundred Twenty-four 4/9/10
Dress: Green Strapless Pocketed Dress
Purchased From: Thrift Fair
Year or Era Purchased: Winter 2010
Price: $2.95
Accessories:  Gold Heels, Black argyle pattern tights, leopard print cardigan
Hair and Makeup: Curled with hot rollers, down with a bow barrette, usual makeup with some fancy eyeshadow
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:   Lost of dress and bag compliments and I think Jake complimented everything I wore and am because I was upset and he was trying to make me feel better

Birthday weekend day one was a success.  I worked in jeans and a t-shirt.  Sorry I didn't wear a dress all day,  I didn't want to be this super fancy all day or waste a dress.  After work I headed to Rica's for a massage, made a quick trip to Target for a strapless bra and a shirt for Michael and then came home to get ready.  

This dress makes me so happy.  First, it was $2.95 so you know, that rules. Second it was too small when I bought it but now it fits and third it was mended oddly when I bought it and I removed a bunch of stitches to bring it back to its original awesome state.  The tag was cut out so I have no idea who this dress was made by.  I do know that it has pockets!!!  

After I got done getting ready people showed up and gave me amazing presents.  I really have the best friends ever.  Spano and Jody gave me this amazing squirrel shaped clock among other fun squirrel items, Sue and Jake got me a sewing machine!!! and Rica gave me this beautiful squirrel/acorn necklace and matching leaf earrings as well as a nameplate for my bike- Sheila- as she was dubbed by Rica.  I named her bike Deborah.  We will ride around together and Sheila and Deborah will start a production company.  Probably.  

We went to dinner at Thoreau, a new all vegetarian restaurant on Spring Garden Street.  It was lovely and though there were 18 of us the food came out together and all in all they did a great job. I must admit that since they are currently a byob still I probably drank almost a bottle of red wine and didn't enjoy the food as I should have.  I'll go back.   More friends gave me more awesome presents (tree mugs from Katy and Drew, a wooden key with the words Good Bye painted on it from Kristin and bird and squirrel hooks from Louise and Brian) 

After dinner we made a quick stop at 700 for whiskey and dancing and then headed home for some record listening, crazy drunkenness, roommate cuddling, 18 year old Jameson drinking debauchery.  I believe I snuck off to bed around 4am.  Not too shabby for an old lady.  Not too shabby at all. 


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