Sunday, April 11, 2010

day two hundred twenty-three.

Day Two Hundred Twenty-three 4/8/10 MY BIRTHDAY!!! 
Dress: Floral Pink Sun Dress
Purchased From: Conway
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $14.99
Accessories:  Brown flats during the day, crazy white platform sandals at night
Hair and Makeup: down and a little greasy because I was too lazy to wash it and couldn't find my powder, lots of eye makeup including the color absolem (green) from the alice palette
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:   A few people, including Michael complimented my dress. Some random dude in center city said "I love them legs" as I walked by him.  

So in retrospect I don't like this dress as much on as I do in theory. It's pretty and girly but in photographs it sort of makes me feel a little like an American Apparel ad for plus size girls, and yes I know those don't exist. The shoes didn't help. Oh well.  The shoes were $2.50 so even if I never wear then again they were fun. 

My birthday was lovely. I worked, shoe shopped, got a manicure (light green nails), then Michael gave me my presents.  I got a record player, a reprint of Screeching Weasel's My Brain Hurts and TICKETS FOR THE APRIL 23RD SOLD OLD SCREECHING WEASEL SHOW!!!! Weee.  Soooooo excited.    We went and had sushi and then went to see Hot Tub Time Machine, amazingly funny.  It was a fabulous birthday I must say.  Swoon. 


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