Saturday, May 15, 2010

day two hundred fifty-nine.

Day Two Hundred Fifty-nine Friday 5/14/10 
Dress:  Baby Blue Skirt to Dress Convert
Purchased From:  Express
Year or Era Purchased: 1999 or 2000 (ish)
Price: Uhhhhh $30ish

Accessories: Black cotton belt, grey short-sleeve cardigan, black flats for and dark grey tights for part of the day then no tights, black flats and a white cardigan later in the day
Hair and Makeup: Double buns with bangs pinned back and a flower clip, usual makeup with baby blue "zonk bleu" eyeshadow from MACComments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael made a few comments, one of which questioning if my dress was a bridesmaid dress.  

So yeah, this dress is really a skirt I've owned for quite some time. I bought it with a baby blue sweater material tube top and I can't say I never wore it with fairy wings at some point in my life.  I've since donated the tube top and I don't see myself wearing this again as a skirt or a dress. It will be donated too.  It sort of bugged me all day, I sort of loved it and sort of hated it.   It was also way hotter than I thought it was to be today so my original outfit was modified mid-day when I nixed the tights.  The original sweater (shown) was too thick and despite the short sleeves it was smothering me.  

I spent my day working and had another effing key snafu.  Blargh.  I thought a cat client key I needed was on my ring but instead it was home on my key hook.  I had to come home and get it, something I hate to do, especially during rush hour on a Friday.  Stupid brain, stupid keys, stupid week.   I finally got done work, quite late for a Friday, and Michael and I headed out for a date night since we didn't get to hang out much during the week and I'm starting class three nights a week on Monday.  

We headed to Farmicia for dinner.  It was lovely.  We split a bottle of wine and an appetizer of Fiddlehead Ferns in an herbed butter/white truffle oil sauce. Divine.  So glad these little things were introduced to my palette.  Michael had some veggie tamales and I opted for a mushroom risotto croquette entree.  Both were tasty.  After dinner we walked about a mile to Beau Monde for dessert and cappuccinos.   We then waked back the way we came to the movie theater to see Exit Through the Gift Shop, a fabulous movie.  It was funny, interesting, thought provoking, etc.  We both really enjoyed it.  It was a lovely date night. I came home and caught up on these here blogs and it's now time for beddybye. 


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