Saturday, May 15, 2010

day two hundred fifty-seven.

Day Two Hundred Fifty-seven Wednesday 5/12/10 
Dress:  Purplish brown Lace Dress
Purchased From:  Somewhere in a mall, probably the King of Prussia Mall
Year or Era Purchased: 1997-1998 sometime
Price: $30ish (I really have no clue on this)

Accessories: Cool button ring from Marilla1918, brown patterned tights, green hunter wellies
Hair and Makeup: Down and curled a bit, usual makeup with a little extra eye makeup 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: I believe one of Michael's quotes was "You look like you're going to whore island" but he said it in a nice way, really.  A few dress compliments and Jen said "holy boobs" 

Wednesday was jam packed, which is why it took so long to update for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as I'm doing now.  I think I'm still recovering.   Since I knew we had plans late in the evening to attend goth night at Shampoo I chose one of my dresses from back in the day when I used to do that almost weekly.  I bought this dress at some mall store I think.  I would bet anything I was shopping with Heather when I bought it.  I wish I could remember how much it was and from which store it was purchased but I don't. I have an actual photograph from an actual point and shoot camera that I actually took to a store to have printed of me wearing this dress so you know it's old.  And I suppose that makes me old too. Hrmpf.  Buuut it does still fit and I do still love it so old schmold.   The weather once again called for rain so I wore my galoshes and I think that helped even out this look a little and added a nice contrast.  I did my hair a little fancy, which fell pretty much immediately but once brushed out later in the day it was fine.  Stupid humidity. I also paired it with my new fun ring.  This time I got a picture of it. 

So I spent my day working and then headed to King of Prussia to meet up with one of my oldest friends, Jen.  We met at the Cheesecake Factory to have dinner and catch up.  We've been friends for something like 28 or 29 years.  Again with old.  Ugh.  Anyway we enjoyed dinner and then really enjoyed a split dessert.  We tried to walk off some of the calories through shopping/mall walking but I don't know that we even put a dent in our calorie intake.  I was very good and only bought a new compact at MAC and some new eye shadow primer since I one hundred percent realized I'm allergic to the Urban Decay Primer.  I was shown three non-silicone based primers at Sephora and went with the Kat Von D brand since it was cheapest and the sales guy told me it worked just as good.  So far so good, it's holding the eye makeup up remarkably well and I"m not breaking out into eczema bumps.  Rad. 

Jen and I parted ways and I headed home to meet up with Michael and head to Shampoo to celebrate his cousin Michelle's 30th birthday, and celebrate we did.  I drank and danced my face off and kept repeating "I'm having the most fun."  We left at 2 when Michael pretty much had to drag me out of there.  Parts of the night are a little hazy.  Oops.  There's just something in the air there.  


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