Monday, May 10, 2010

day two hundred fifty-three.

Day Two Hundred Fifty-three Saturday 5/8/10 
Dress:  Maroon Sheath Dress
Purchased From:  Deb or some other random weird crappy mall store
Year or Era Purchased: 1999
Price: $24.99????
Accessories:  Vintage short sleeved cream cardigan, squirrel ring from Art Star, black knee socks, black sneaker boots, 
Hair and Makeup: 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael complimented my dress

This dress has a jacket that goes with it and I want to say it was in my arsenal of three suits purchased for possible interviews before I graduated college. I forgot that it even had the possibility of fitting since I had a fat phase, similar to the one I'm trying to get out of now, when I was in my early twenties.  The jacket is a little dated and boxy but the dress is still good almost ten years later. 

It was warmer in the day so I paired it with a cute vintage cardigan, knee socks and sneaker boots.  I spent the day cleaning, running errands and dilly dallying and this dress has some serious stretch so it was quite comfortable for all of it.   We slept in, really late, like after Noon.  Finally we got up and I got to work on the dishes, cleaning the kitchen rugs and mopping the floor.  Michael worked on his closet, putting in drawers and shelves and installing our new globe lights.  He then installed my closet bar and shelf per my instructions. I made a quick trip to CVS and the thrift store, got some toiletries and two dresses and then came home and made us giant veggie hoagies for lunch.  We ate and then continued on the house, cleaning up our computer area, or the land where everything gets piled and stacked and full of dust and construction debris.  

New lights and temporary curtains

After working for several hours we rewarded ourselves with a third attempted trip to Kraftwork.  Third time is a charm indeed.  The service was five hundred percent better, same staff but I guess they worked out their kinks. We got beers within a minute, despite the amount of people inside.  I had a Young's Double Chocolate Stout, which tastes like a milkshake, and a Founders Breakfast Stout.  We came home and watched a little television, ate bagels and passed out.  We're pretty awesome.


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