Tuesday, May 4, 2010

day two hundred forty-seven.

Two Hundred Forty-seven Sunday 5/2/10
Dress:  Houndstooth Jumper Dress
Purchased From: Thrift Fair
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $3.95
Accessories:  I <3 Boosh pin, red knee socks, black flats, big black sunglasses
Hair and Makeup: Rag curled with bangs in mini buns, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Michael liked the dress, Nicole complimented my hair

So I am absolutely in love with this dress. Houndstooth, sort of overallesque, short but not clingy so I felt cute and a little sexy with the addition of knee socks but still self conscious at all since it hid all the right spots.  I scored this at Thrift Fair and almost squealed in glee when I found it.  I thought I was going to a roller derby bout so I threw on these cute red knee socks to support my friend Kristin's team,  The Broad Street Butchers.  Sadly we didn't make it...

Sunday proved to be just as awesome as Saturday, despite the early Summer like humidity.  I slept in and after a leisurely morning of coffee, internets and sandwiches Michael and I headed to Ikea for mater bedroom closet solutions, lighting, etc.  Somehow we ended up in an Ikea time warp and we were there for almost two hours.  This unfortunately made us miss the Roller Derby bout we had planned to attend. While in Ikea I got a phone call from my sister-in-law asking if we wanted her Phillies tickets since she got ahold of some box seats.   Score.   We finished our shopping and came home with two free standing closets of the Pax variety.  We also got two globe lights, some curtain rods, fabric with a squirrel standing on a birdcage and some other random stuff.   We came home and lugged it all inside, sweating profusely since it was almost ninety degrees and super humid.  Good day to lug two closets up two flights of stairs.  Ouch and gross.  I ran out to feed a turtle while Michael started constructing the beasts.  Once I got home we left for the game, which turned out to be the best game I've ever seen.  With two outs and two strikes everyone just started hitting.  It was amazing.  By the time the inning was over the Phils were up by 8.  My hands hurt from clapping so much.  I got an ice cream cone to celebrate, something I regretted later.   During the 8th inning we got a text from Colie that she could get us into  their suite so we headed over to see it.  It was insane! I need to get rich and get one.  We hung out there for a while and then Michael and I headed home watched The Pacific and quickly retired to bed.  It was an absolutely superb weekend. 


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