Tuesday, May 4, 2010

day two hundred forty-six.

Two Hundred Forty-six Saturday (Rabbit Rabbit) 5/1/10
Dress:  Black Dress
Purchased From: Express
Year or Era Purchased: 2002 (ish)
Price: $30 (ish)
Accessories:  Black heels, bird necklace
Hair and Makeup: Rag curled, bangs pinned back. Usual makeup with sparkly eyeshadow
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Michael said I looked "gorgeous" 

And that's how you get ants...

I woke up Saturday to Michael's quavering voice informing me that ants had in fact taken up residence in our kitchen.   Apparently he doesn't do well with ants, especially when they invade his kitchen and crawl on him while he tries to do the dishes and rid his life of them. I, on the other hand, am just fine with ants.  Please keep your maggots and spiders to yourself. 

I got up and dressed and proceeded to clean the kitchen from top to almost bottom.  We're out of Swiffer style (I actually try to only use the non-Swiffer ones since Swiffer is evil proctor & gamble but I guess Swiffer has become like Xerorx and that's how everyone knows the product) mop covers and MIchael used our regular mop to tung oil the floors and I've yet to replace it. The floor will have to wait, the ants prefer the countertops anyway. 

After cleaning I messed it up a bit and cooked a giant breakfast of omelets and home fries and veggie sausage and toast.  Yum.  After breakfast I set my sights on the bathroom and cleaned it from top to bottom as I clean the bathroom floor the old fashioned way, hands and knees style.  

It felt really good to accomplish a bunch of stuff on a weekend day.  I'd love to get our whole house cleaned and organized in the next month while we move into our new bedroom. 

I changed out of my gross cleaning clothes, showered and dressed and applied makeup so we could go to dinner with our friends Heather and Jon.  I love this dress and consider it one in my arsenal of grown-up dresses.  I paired it with some Target heels and felt lovely.  Since my hair was still a mess of curly waves and knots I just added some frizz ease secret weapon and scrunched it into obedience.  I felt very Carrie Bradshaw with that mane of hair.  We went to Osaka in Lansdale and it was delightful food and company.  My vegetable hating friend Heather actually ate an edamame! I was quite proud of her.   We hung out for a while and even spent the better part of an hour in the parking lot continuing to play catch up.  

Later that night Michael and I, joined by our roommate Steve sat at the kitchen table, something we can't always do because it's often piled high with stuff, and enjoyed a pint of beer.   It was such a lovely Saturday. 


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