Monday, May 31, 2010

day two hundred seventy-four.

Day Two Hundred Seventy-four Saturday 5/29/10 
Dress: Grey strapless Dress
Purchased From:  Thrift Fair
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $2.95

Accessories: green flats, mens short sleeved vintage button up shirt, mahjong tile bracelet
Hair and Makeup: two day old rag curls, down and pulled back, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Lots of hair compliments, a bracelet compliment, Michael said I was sexy. 

What a lovely and productive Saturday! I woke up at a reasonable weekend time of 9:30ish and started my day off right with some homemade mocha frappuccinos with shots of espresso.  I had some goals and accomplished most of them.  I ripped most of the weeds out of my garden and planted tomato, jalapeno and basil and cat grass plants.  I got a few first of the season mosquito bites and sweated like a beast.  Frowny face. Michael and I hung out a bit watching Community episodes while we ate breakfast together- frittata, veggie bacon and sausage, rye toast and hash browns.   I then set to work on painting furniture and cleaning up a bit.  I repainted the rusted/ugly spots of an enamel side table and then painted a record cabinet two coats of orange primer with the intention of painting it bright ass Home Depot orange. I think we'll put in our bedroom when it's done.  

After working all day I showered and relaxed, doing some homework reading and napping for about fifteen minutes.  I then got ready in this awesome thrifted grey strapless dress.  I wore it most of the day, except when painting and gardening.  In real life I wore a men's button up shirt over top of it to play it down.  It had two holes that I sewed up with ease, making it well worth the $3!!! We then sat down for a quick dinner- MIchael had a veggie ham and cheese sandwich on rye while I had a veggie California turkey burger.    After dinner we drove out to West Chester to support our friends endeavor of building a skatepark in Downingtown, PA.  Go here for more information: DSP! We went to The Note in West Chester to see a bunch of bands and hang out with friends, all while being amazingly supportive because we're just that awesome!  The first band, Toxic Life, was actually kind of amazing and I was shocked, no offense.  We had fun, me sober since I was the driver.     I bought a shirt I plan to convert to a dress, and some raffle tickets.  I totally fucking won the $150 tattoo gift certificate to High Rollers in West Chester!!!! I'm sooooo beyond excited to soon get something in this sort of fashion: 


We had a wonderful time and hung out until after 2am.  I was running on happy adrenaline dreaming of squirrel tattoos.  We came home and I eventually fell asleep after 3:30am.  Good night!!!!


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