Sunday, June 13, 2010

day two hundred eighty-eight.

Day Two Hundred Eighty-eight Sunday 6/13/10 
Dress: Black Limited Sun Dress
Purchased From:  Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $5.00

Accessories: Green flats, white lace kerchief
Hair and Makeup: Two crazy hair buns, almost no face makeup since it's humid, some black eyeliner and red lips
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  A client complimented my hair, Michael said I looked beautiful.  I think someone yelled something about my "tits" from a car- classy Fishtown! 

I thought we were going to go to dinner with our friends Bill and Marissa but they had to head home to Nebraska a day earlier than expected.  Boo.  So that's why I wore this dress today- that and because it's one of the few I have right now that will help out in this horrid June heat and humidity.  I liked last June better.  Oh well.  I threw on this vintage lace handkerchief to class up the outfit a bit and paired it with my green flats because they were closest.  It was too hot for long hair so it went up, up, up.  I nixed my usual makeup routine of tinted moisturizer, under eye concealer and some mineralize skin finish by MAC and opted for a quick dusting of the skinfinish, a quick swipe of eyeshadow, lots of black eyeliner lining the lid and waterline and some red lipstick applied with my finger so it looked more like a stain. 

Here's my day: 
Woke up, cleaned kitchen like a crazy woman, got dressed and threw on some makeup, walked the doggie I had staying here, painted one coat of bright orange onto a piece of vintage furniture, ate leftover burrito and watched dvr'd So You Think You Can Dance- not feeling the allstars format, painted another coat of orange, watched the Phillies game and hung out with doggie friend Rosie, Michael came home and said hello, went to grocery store, made myself a sandwich, made Michael leftover enchiladas with three sauces for his seitan, some mixed greens and half an avocado, watched some Parks and Recreation episodes, made veggie rice krispie treats with vegan marshmallows, sliced and froze strawberries and raspberries for margaritas that I'm going to go make right now and watch True Blood!!!! 

Oh and I checked the sign at my favorite thrift store, Thrift Fair, and they are simply renovating and will open again in a week or so, Phew!!!! 


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