Sunday, June 13, 2010

day two hundred eighty-seven.


Day Two Hundred Eighty-seven Saturday  6/12/10 
Dress: Pink Cotton Slip Dress
Purchased From:  Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $5.00

Accessories: Grey flats
Hair and Makeup: Down and curled a bit, usual makeup with some sparkly pinkish eyeshadows

It was super hot and yucky and I have very few appropriate dresses for humid weather at the moment so I went with this guy.  It's sleeveless, cotton and doesn't require much accessorizing.  Score. 
I spent the day with two of my favorite ladies- Sue and Lemon.  It was quite lovely.  First I woke up and walked Ms. Rosie, my doggie visitor.   I said goodbye to Michael and he was off to split and stack wood all day and then got ready and did some homework.  Sue and Lemon came over to see our new bedroom and then we walked to her house and got her car and I drove us to the Abbaye for lunch.  Well first we failed at parking in the crazy as Piazza parking lot so we could go to the farmer's market then we went to have lunch.  We forgot that their kitchen closes between lunch/brunch and dinner and showed up at 3:50p.m.  Luckily, they opened the kitchen early due to the world cup.  Lemon did really well despite the stupid loud people that arrived and cheered after we were seated and had ordered.  Blargh.  And what is the deal with those stupid bee buzz horns?  Ugh.   After lunch I went back to Sue's and hung out and even got to hold and snuggle with Lemon- she totally tried to make out with my collarbone and I'll be sure to remind her of this when she's fourteen.  I also got schooled on how to put on a cloth diaper.   After a lovely day with the ladies I walked over to Circle Thrift and bought myself four dresses and a half slip.  I came home and did lots of homework, even reading ahead for the next two classes.  I still haven't worked on my third draft, due Thursday.  Yikes!

Michael came home and I hung out with him while he bathed the stink and dirt off and soaked his tired muscles.  Once he was clean and relaxed we ventured over to El Camino for a late dinner and a drink.  We split veggie wings and I had a jalapeno margarita-it came complete with seeds and slices of jalapeno and was spicy as fuck but quite yummy.  We were so full when our entrees came that we ate a few bites and took the rest home.  


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