Wednesday, June 9, 2010

day two hundred eighty-one.

Day Two Hundred Eighty-0ne Sunday 6/6/10 
Dress: Green, Yellow and Blue Sundress
Purchased From:  Thrift Fair
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $4.95

Accessories: blue knee highs, black on black chuck taylors, deer necklace 
Hair and Makeup: 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  A girl at CVS complimented my dress

Can you see my sweat? GROSS! And that was with the air conditioner on mind you! 

Michael went to Cape May to see his Mama very, very early on Sunday.  How he got up after four point five hours of sleep I have no idea.  And then to top it all off he rode a motorcycle.  I, on the other hand, slept until after ten, maybe even eleven.  Take that! 

I woke up ready to work.  I made a giant pot of coffee and did some dishes before forcing myself to continue revising my second draft.  After a few hours I decided to procrastinate via cleaning/moving my vanity and makeup to our new bedroom.  It's pictured above.  I need to hang my mirror and hang that bird hook on the wall.    I worked a bunch more and then decided to give myself a much needed reward of some thrift shopping.  HORROR struck me when I drove up to my all time favorite thrift store, Thrift Fair.  They are closed.  I didn't read the sign closely but it may have said renovations, I'm not sure.  I need to go back and read it properly.   I shed a tear and headed to CVS for some retail therapy but it wasn't the same.  This dress is from Thrift Fair and it was perfect for the super hot day.  I was hoping to find more like this one for upcoming horribly hot days.  Oh bother. 

I spent another several hours revising and then Michael came home and I made us a scrumptious dinner of veggie chicken in white wine garlic sauce, mashed potatoes with sour cream and kale chips. Kale chips rule!!!! KALE CHIPS YO!

I think I worked a bit more before giving up and going to bed a giant stressball, worried about my story.  Blargh.


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