Wednesday, June 9, 2010

day two hundred eighty-two.

Day Two Hundred Eighty-two Monday 6/7/10 
Dress: Off White Floral Strapless Dress
Purchased From:  Thrift Fair
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $4.95

Accessories: black flats, white and then later on and not pictured brown cardigan, 
Hair and Makeup: Hot rollered hair that promptly fell out, usual makeup with some brown eyeshadow in the crease

This dress is weird and not really me but it sort of worked for the occasion.  I'll probably put it in my get rid of pile so if anyone wants it let me know, it's yours.  I wore this white cardigan with it but later bought a brown one at Target so I wouldn't go to a birthday dinner with weird pit stains.  Such a lady I am. 

Monday was frantic.  I woke up and overnight I'd had an idea or really not so much an idea but a memory of a suggestion I needed to put into action.  I worked another two hours on my story.  I felt much better about it after the work.  During my crazy keyboard pounding I heard squirrel noises.   I know my squirrel noises yo!  I ran outside and only had one yard squirrel.  I gave him some peanuts and then looked up to find the source of the squirrel equivalent of bitching.  There was a wee little squirrel tucked into the curve of a drain pipe near the deck of my neighbor's house.  See the below video for squirrel action.  Watch closely to see something like seven squirrels! My neighbor is going to hate me! And I haven't even been feeding them lately. 

After squirrel action I spent the day working and then had a terrible experience in the computer lab at CCP.  Ugh.  I had no clue that you couldn't print more than twenty pages at a time.  I found out when my print was cancelled and I got yelled at.  I also yelled at a woman rummaging through the already printed pieces, messing up the order.  I felt bad but she was being sort of a dumb dumb.  Having a seven page story, and needing at least twelve copies of it put me in a quandary.  I had to scramble around from computer to computer printing two at a time and somehow I still only printed ten.  I had to go back after my conference with my Professor.   I will so be spending the $20 at Kinko's from now on: copied, collated and stapled in under one minute is worth it.  

My conference was weird and in retrospect it went better than I thought.  I need to stop being so negative about this stuff.  I'm still so nervous about it all.  Michael met me at school and we drove to Wayne/West Chester area to the Big Easy Saloon to celebrate Randimom's birthday.  We were to go to China King but they are closed on Mondays.  Boo.  We were all so excited.  We got a bitchy waitress and they were out of their special, Prime Rib, exactly what the birthday girl wanted.  Figures.  After dinner we ate gourmet cupcakes in the parking lot.  We are a classy bunch!


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