Wednesday, June 9, 2010

day two hundred eighty.

Day Two Hundred Eighty Saturday 6/5/10 
Dress: Gold Sparkly Dress
Purchased From:  Circle Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $5

Accessories: black flats, black tights
Hair and Makeup: Down and crazyish, usual makeup with lots of black eye makeup

I've been waiting for a weekend day to wear this dress because it's kind of slutty and kind of  see-through.   I also wanted a day that I could wear tights, as I'm not a fan of my bum minus tights.  I don't think I have a terrible body but man alive I could sure use several thousand squats.  I got a weekend, but it was 93 degrees and humid so this dress was worn for an hour and then I changed into boxers and  a tank top while home and then I put it back on at 10p.m. after we had turned on the air conditioner.  Sometimes I'm such a loser.  

I spent a large chunk of my day working on a character outline and a story outline for my creative writing class.  I also spent a lot of time struggling with the actual story.  I took a break to make veggie cheeseburgers with avocado, delicious.   We planned to go to KFN for England Belongs to Twee but instead Michael got wrapped up in some computer ish and I continued plowing away at revisions, or crickets at times.  

Around 11:30p.m when I realized we weren't going to KFN I threw on copious amounts of black eyeliner and marched down the stairs demanding Michael go to Kraftwork with me and drink beers.  I was a little pissypants, as was he.  We walked the few blocks and realized Kraftwork did not have air conditioning going, and it was quite loud.  Oh well.  I think we almost got into three arguments at  because we couldn't hear each other.  It all worked out in the end.  I had a Lancaster Milk Stout, some other awesome smoky beer and one of their signature drinks, the Walter Gropius, which I believe is their version of a margarita.  Yum.

We came home and accosted our roommate, Steve, for about two hours before finally going to bed.  Winners! 


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