Tuesday, June 22, 2010

day two hundred ninety-five.

Day Two Hundred Ninety-five Sunday  6/20/10 
Dress: Blue Star Print Dress
Purchased From:  MOLLY DELANEY!
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $Free

Accessories:  Black flats
Hair and Makeup: Down, then up, then down, then up again. usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Michael liked the dress 

Sunday morning started with an attempted motorcycle ride.  We woke early and I got ready.  Michael neglected to tell me we had plans to meet our friend Jared in Valley Forge at 10a.m.  I'm not totally sure how this was supposed to happen since I woke up after 9.  Whatevs.  Around 9:45 I realized my hand me down leather jacket was no where to be found. I was going to wear my jean jacket instead, but then I got it in my head that my gloves were in my jacket pocket and then thoughts of that girl on the sidewalk from Friday night ran around inside my head and I convinced myself that no jacket and no gloves would indeed equal me splayed on a sidewalk.  Twenty minutes later I remembered that my gloves were in my helmet.  Ugh.  Oh well, we were already super late.  We decided to nix the ride and go tubing earlier than planned.  Kristin and Rica came over and we blew up our tubes and headed to Washington's Crossing.  We parked Kristin's car, loaded up the element and drove a few miles up the Delaware River.  We found a good launch point and tubed for an hour or so drinking bloody Marias.  It was lovely.   Afterwards we went to It's Nutts for pizza and hot fudge sundaes.  It was such a lovely relaxing day.  I predict a lot of tubing this summer! We came home and I spent the rest of the night doing homework, taking a bath and relaxing. It was such a lovely Sunday.  I ended the night watching True Blood and eating bagel paninis.  Top that.


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