Saturday, June 19, 2010

day two hundred ninety-four.


Day Two Hundred Ninety-four Saturday  6/19/10 
Dress: Grey and White Sundress
Purchased From:  Rainbow
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $10.00

Accessories: Kurt Halsey bird necklace, red flats, white flower clips 
Hair and Makeup: Down and scrunched for some of the day and in a bun for the rest- it was hot! 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Molly liked my necklace and commented that a dress was a smart choice for a hot day and then remembered that I always wear dresses these days :) 

Today was awesome.  I woke up and though tired, I did not feel like complete ass.  I had brunch plans with my friend Molly and her friend Kelly.  We attempted Honey's but the wait was 45 minutes so we went to North Third.  They're brunch is pretty damn tasty so it was a-ok.  Molly had hand-me-down dresses for me, like seventeen of them!!!! Thanks Molly! So she lugged them from Manhattan and we met up for brunch so she could bestow them upon me.  They all fit! Well one of them is a teensy bit tight and will require me to get my fat gut back to the gym asap but don't you worry, I will work it out.  Brunch was fun and yummy to boot.  After brunch we went over to Art Star so Molly could get her very own Kurt Halsey bird necklace- everyone should have them really, they rule.  We all did some shopping and I got a new feather barrette for my hair.  It's fancy.  

I went home and got ready to go to the Circle Thrift Clothing swap.  It ruled!  Still on a high from my new Molly dresses  I wanted more, more, more.  I scored eleven dresses, two t-shirts that I may convert into dresses-one a Johnny Cash well worn shirt and the other a crazy eagle shirt.  I also scored a new bracelet and a cute plaid jacket.   If you've never been to a clothing swap let me break it down for you. 

1.  Get a big open space of sorts or clear some room in your living room
2. Invite a bunch of your friends
3. Tell them to bring clothing (at least 5 articles) they no longer want but that's still in pretty good condition. 
4.  Organize- in this case they had clothing racks and tables you could use different sections of floor
      a.  Organize the clothing by style and if you're doing unisex, gender
5. When people show up have them (or designate people to do this job) separate the clothing pieces into the proper    
piles of clothing- i.e. shirts go with shirts, dresses are hung, sweaters go with sweaters, pants with pants, etc. 
6. Be sure to have several full length mirrors handy.  I'd also suggest wearing or bringing a slip or wearing something form fitting so that trying on clothing is easy if you're modest.  

Here are some pictures of the clothing swap I attended today.  This one was $3 to enter and required 5 articles of clothing.  It was separated by gender and clothing style.  

I made out like a bandit!!!  Most of the dresses I got are vintage and one is absolutely divine!  I am so excited to wear it and the feather barrette I bought will match it perfectly.  After the swap I went to target for some house stuff and then came home and dedicated hours to catching up on blogs. 

Now it's time to go work on a poem that must employ like eight hundred different fucking styles.  This is going to be hard as balls. I will reward myself with beers and food from Kraftwork.  


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