Saturday, June 19, 2010

day two hundred ninety-three.

daytime with a scarf and Emily and Mia

 nighttime. all boobs. 

Day Two Hundred Ninety-three Friday  6/18/10 
Dress: Blue H&M Dickies Style Button Dress
Purchased From:  Circle Thrift (when it was next to Rocket Cat)
Year or Era Purchased: 2006-2007ish
Price: $4.00

Accessories: daytime: silver flats, black studded vegan bracelet, black and white striped scarf  nighttime: purpley flower wedges, black studded cuff
Hair and Makeup: Curled a bit, usual makeup with some mauve lips.  I'm all about the lipstick this week. 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Let's see- Kristin called me busty, Cheryl said "I see you brought your boobs to dinner" or something like that, Michael said I love that dress.  Also some weird drunk barfly at Dirty Franks said "enchante" when we showed up.  Ha.  

Friday ruled.  It was soooo much better than crankydress tired, hungry Thursday.  I woke up and weighed myself, as I do everyday.  I realize this is dumb but whatevs.  I was down quite a bit from lack of water, actually.  I ate my usual amount of calories as I scarfed a veggie turkey sandwich around midnight and ate red (minus the dye and the red part) velvet cake with cream cheese icing but I did not drink my usual 60-90 ounces of water.  I don't so much do this on purpose but I genuinely love water.  If I'm not drinking alcohol or coffee I'm drinking water.  Occasionally I'll have an iced tea or a lemonade but my all time favorite is ice water with lemons. My friend Katy taught me that the best way to drink it is from a giant ball jar- those suckers are a good 30 ounces. and I always have at least one, if not two with dinner/nighttime stuffs.  I also generally carry some sort of travel cup with me all day, also generally a 26 to 32 ounce ratio.  So anyway I guess that packs on the water weight because the scale was serenading me with sweet, sweet digital nothings.  And all of that is the long version as to why I chose this dress- it hasn't fit me in a long time but I love it so much I've been holding onto it with hopes of the day it would.  It still doesn't totally fit because I can't button it over my boobs but whatevs, those ladies are here to stay apparently.  In order to rock this dress during the day and not look like a total slutbag I wore a scarf over the boob area, masking the cleavage.  When I came home the ladies came out because it was way too damn hot for a scarf!  

After work I did a little shopping- Payless, Rainbow and Kmart because I am a high class motherfucker.  (sorry mom.) I got two pairs of shoes, one shown above and the other a $5 pair of airwalk grey mary janes, four dresses at rainbow, a cute glass pitcher with a red lid, and a new curling iron since the handle broke on mine.  I purchased all of these goods for around $76.  Awesome. 

We had plans to meet up with friends and go eat dinner at Lolita, a byot (tequila) as they have margarita mixers you can purchase by the pitcher and then they mix the tequila in tableside.  Genius!  The trolley from West Philly was running late so that meant our friend, Cheryl, was running late so we jumped half a block over to McGillan's and had a beer.  Cheryl arrived just as we were finishing, perfect.  We sat and ordered a pitcher of blood orange margarita mix and it was perfection! It was perfectly tart, not horribly sweet and just super refreshing.  We ordered chips and guac for the table, also amazing and fresh.  The best thing about Lolita is that you can sub tofu or portobello mushrooms for the meat or seafood products in several of their dishes. Thanks!  Michael and I split two meals- one being the wild mushroom and cheese enchiladas with tofu and one some hearts of palm and tofu goodness.  The enchiladas ruled it all. We'll definitely be going back!  I am anxious to try a few of their appetizers/salads as well as their desserts.  

After dinner we walked over to Dirty Frank's for an after dinner drink.  It was interesting.  The regulars were all outside smoking and were excited to see so many women appear.  We stayed for a beer and some conversation and then left.  Upon leaving Michael and I walked by a woman splayed face first on the sidewalk, a crowd around her, and a man in a wife beater over her, his motorcycle parked next to them.  We weren't sure of the circumstances exactly but deduced there was some sort of incident involving the motorcycle as Michael noticed the headlight was out, maybe cracked, I can't remember.  I implore anyone reading this that may operate or ride on a motorcycle to please, please, please always, always, always wear a fucking helmet.    I don't know for sure that this was the case here, well there were no helmets to be seen so that's a fact but, she may have been walking and he hit her, she may have been drunk and fell off, etc. etc.  Still it was a frightening and disturbing sight.  We heard sirens coming as we walked towards the el and tried to block the image from our minds.  Once  home it was bath time.  I love that freaking bathtub!    


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