Saturday, June 19, 2010

day two hundred ninety-two.

Day Two Hundred Ninety-two Thursday  6/17/10 
Dress: Black and Bright Floral Print 80s dress
Purchased From:  Circle Thrift 
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $5.00

Accessories: black knee socks, black flats, headband made from cut off dress parts, giant sunglasses
Hair and Makeup: Curled with hot rollers and down with a headband, usual makeup with hot pink lipstick.  
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Tons, this dress was a big hit- lots of people loved this dress and no one realized I'd simply chopped off the bottom part.  Also one of the best compliments ever came from a security guy at my school.  I was carrying yogurt and he said "All the skinny girls always be carrying yogurt, staying healthy, watching their figures"  I could've kissed him! 

Originally this dress came to mid calf but I took some scissors and chopped off the bottom until it went from 80's church dress to 90's 90210 fashion.  I love it!  I wore it with knee socks and flats to really amp up the 90's feel. I wish I'd taken better photos but the whole day was crazy rushed and though I love this dress it was indeed my crankydress, since I wasn't wearing pants.   I slept maybe 5 hours because unbeknownst to me it was graduation day and since we live one block from a school I got to hear at least twenty cars go by honking their horns and screaming.  Such a great way to wake up!  Ugh.  I got up and hurriedly got ready, reread and changed some stuff in my story and headed out to to work.  Of course I added to the crank but running out of eating time.  I grabbed a nutri-grain bar and a peach and ran out the door.  I worked a crazy busy schedule, went to Kinko's to copy my story for the eleven classmates I have to give it to, grabbed a yogurt from the deli next store and made it to class with five minutes to spare.  Phew.   After class I had to hurry home and drive to Wayne to eat cake for my sister-in-law's boyfriend's birthday.  I was exhausted, starving and wicked cranky.  Michael and I may have gotten into a bit of a fight over this but I we worked it out when my delirium was cured with food and sleep.  I really need to learn to work ahead of time, for serious.  


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