Saturday, June 19, 2010

day two hundred ninety.



Day Two Hundred Ninety! Tuesday  6/15/10 
Dress: Black Polka Dot Bell Sleeved Dress
Purchased From:  Circle Thrift 
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $5.00

Accessories: Green flats, green waist belt, Bird cage necklace
Hair and Makeup: First I severely parted my hair.  I braided three total layers on each side and then braided them into each other and then twisted them up and pinned them into buns.  My hair was really dirty and I needed to wear it up so I just started braiding.  The makeup was inspired by the hair and was a purpley/brown MAC lipstick called Mystic- it's more brown because I used a brown liner.  The rest of my makeup is my usual routine.
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  Lots- people loved my hair, I did too.  One of the girls in my class called it "sharp"  I enjoyed that.  Michael called me beautiful and 50's.  I think some more but I can't remember and that's what I get for not updating in days and days. 

So yeah, I love this dress. It's too big so I showed how it looks with and without the belt. I kind of like it free and could see myself wearing it like that as well.   In total this outfit cost about $16, including the shoes.  I trashpicked the belt, got the shoes at Payless and thrifted the dress.  Not to shabby. 

Tuesday was a good day.  I worked, went to school and discussed more poetry, went to Whole Foods, came home and made dinner of what I like to call "Portland Sandwiches" and some quick homemade cream of asparagus soup.  The sandwiches are replicas of a sandwich we got from a vegetarian food cart some time in 2001.  They're smoked tofu slices grilled a bit or seared in a pan, avocado, mayo, dijon mustard, lettuce and tomato.  They're best on sourdough bread but Whole Foods was out so I opted for a Tuscan bread.  The soup was made by sauteing asparagus, garlic and onion with some salt, pepper, butter and parsley.  I added white wine and vegetable stocked and cooked it for a while.  I may have done the wine separately and let it cook off, I can't remember.  Once it was all combined I added some half and half and then threw it all in the blender with some grated fresh parmesan cheese.  It was delicious!   After dinner I did some work on the story I'm writing for my creative writing class and went to bed.  So exciting, I just can't hide it.  


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