Tuesday, August 24, 2010

day three hundred hundred fifty-seven.

Day Three Hundred Fifty-seven Saturday 8/21/10
Dress:  Gold long sleeveless dress
Purchased From:  Morgantown Goodwill
Year or Era Purchased: Fall 2005
Price: $3-5
Accessories:  Blue sandals
Hair and Makeup: Down and curled but as usual these days it got gross and tangly, usual makeup
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: A woman asked if I had been in a wedding, to which I replied, "No, I just felt like being fancy."  My Mom remembered that it was a dress I bought when we were thrift shopping/a Halloween costume, and she liked my sandals.  Also when I was leaving a cat job on Saturday evening two older men told me to be careful, in a nice way.  It was sort of funny.  They had no idea I was just going home. 

I like to think of this as my Golden Girls dress since it actually came with another long sleeveless vest type thing that you see the ladies of the Golden Girls rocking.  I originally bought it and wore it for the Trojan Horse costume we built. I added some gold ribbon trim and I think cut off some sleeveage but I honestly can't remember. I've been dreading wearing this dress because it's a little odd, in a bad way, for my usual tastes.  It was great for the costume but I also had a sweet hairpiece and lots of other people in costume to look dorky with.  Plus I was something like twenty pounds tinier.  Ugh.  Oh well I have pictures.  

Sorry for the walk down memory lane.  It was necessary.   That's why I've kept the dress all these years.  The Trojan Horse halloween year was by far my favorite.  Nothing will top it.  

Ok, back to present day.  Michael and I woke up early and got ready and headed to the burbs to spend the day with my Mom for her birthday, which was Thursday the 19th.   Everything prevented us from leaving the house- a kitten, the coffee maker overflowing, etc.  We got there and gave her cupcakes and presents and then headed out for some thrift store shopping and yard sales, followed by lunch at the White Horse Tavern, where we all got cheese hoagies. Yum.  I was the only one who scored big in the shopping department.  I got four dresses (for $16.25, three of them vintage), a vintage aqua pitcher, a vintage log planter and a cat paint by numbers set.  Nice.  When we left lunch we saw this: 

Because my parents live near Lancaster County and people apparently drive their tractors to the tavern.  Amazing. 

Michael got grey thread and my Mom got a little cottage planter.  We had quite a lovely day.  On the way back to the city we dropped off a wheelchair at my sister-in-laws and then made a quick coffee pit stop.  Once home I headed out to do a few jobs and then Michael, Steve and I watched lots of television, including some of the new Kids in the Hall Death Comes to Town episodes while Steve snuggled with Soda.  She's a cutie.  Seriously- adopt her! 


jenna said...

I've been enjoying this site: http://sixitemsorless.com/the-project/ and its attendant spinoffs and media attention. It reminds me of you, because it's at the other pole of clothing: instead of trying NOT to repeat, these people repeat all the time out of necessity, but their writing and yours still overlap on a some issues :)

Kristin G said...

thats that tractor that my parents had! 1950 ford n.

Abigail said...

Hey Jenna, Thanks for that site; I'm excited to read it. Check out these two as well:
They're both about reusing and not spending. I intend to read them while I detox off my own blog!

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