Monday, August 23, 2010

day three hundred hundred fifty-six.

Day Three Hundred Fifty-six Friday 8/20/10
Dress:  Strapless Black and Pink Polka Dot Dress
Purchased From:  Ms. Molly Delaney
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $Free
Accessories:  Black, white and pink striped socks, black chucks, 
Hair and Makeup: usual makeup with some green shadow on my eyes, hair down and brushed and curled a tiny bit with a big barrel curling iron
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Lots of dress compliments but since I'm a slacker and haven't updated properly I can't really remember. 

Although this dress is not the most flattering in the gut area I love it.  It had straps but I cut them off and made it strapless.  It also has crinoline underneath the skirt so I felt fancy and funny all day.  I tried to play it down with knee socks and sneakers but I'm not sure that worked.   I spent the day working and then came home for some kitten snuggles.  Michael came home from skating and we headed to El Camino to meet up with Kristin and her lady friend Maura and our friend Rica.  We enjoyed happy hour margarita pitchers and yummy food.  Tipsy and full we decided it was necessary to shove gelato on top of the alcohol and food. We forced ourselves to walk around a little bit and then tasted lots of flavors of amazing gelato.  I got cream cheese and chocolate peanut butter.  It was super yummy.  

We came home and played with Soda Pop for a while.  She's such a cutie.  Rica came over to meet her and Steve loves her so he hung out too.  We all watched dumb tv shows.  It was a lovely, low key, kitten filled Friday night.  Awesome. 


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