Sunday, August 8, 2010

day three hundred hundred forty-one.

Day Three Hundred Forty-one Thursday 8/5/10
Dress:  Orange Sundress
Purchased From: Super Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $4.95
Accessories:  Black flats, squirrel necklace
Hair and Makeup:  Two high buns with braided bangs, usual makeup with some gold shades of eyeshadow 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: I don't remember any. 

Boring day- work, school, home, dinner, bed.  I like the dress, it's easy and comfortable and flattering enough.  My hair was gross and it was hot so I just threw it up into my trusty old double bun style.  I did add a little braid to the front part but it didn't really photograph.  

Class was annoying.  I got my midterm back and got an A.  Apparently I only had to answer two of the three questions but didn't know it so I answered all three but ran out of time on the third one.  Good thing I did well enough on the first two.  I also got my Cinderella story back and got a B on it. Honestly, considering I wrote it in less than two hours and hated every second of it, including the finished product, that's a pretty good grade.  However, I am crazy and prefer A's, all the time.  We're allowed to revise it and hand it back in but I have one problem.  My professor was confused that the my main character was under anesthesia during the entire story, while really she was in a mental hospital.  I titled it The Lithium Prince and made allusion after allusion to doctors, hospitals, meds, etc. and ended it with her waking up and seeing doctors, nurses, etc.  Now I'm not saying I did a great job because I am fully aware that the story sucked and again, hated doing it.  I didn't find any inspiration in it and felt like I was as far away from my voice and style as I could get.  That being said I've been taught to assume my reader is intelligent. I've been warned not to over explain or assume they are dumb. I'm not sure how it is then my fault that my professor thinks lithium is a drug used to anesthetize someone.  Blargh. Now I'm stuck trying to figure out how to edit it and make it more "me" while also getting my original point across.  Should be fun.  After class I came home and made tacos and watched a boatload of television to ease my anxiety.  It worked. 


Mike said...

just put a definition of the word Lithium in front of the story... like how most people use that space to thank mom's and wives and such. that'll get the point across.

Mike said...
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