Thursday, August 26, 2010

day three hundred hundred sixty.

Day Three Hundred Sixty Tuesday  8/24/10
Dress:  Denim with Red Piping Vintage Inspired Dress
Purchased From:  Morgantown Reuzit Shoppe
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $5
Accessories:  Hunter wellies, two red barrettes, new cardigan from Target ($9.98!)
Hair and Makeup: Two low buns, bangs parted, usual makeup 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints:  A few dress compliments, my professor loved my portfolio, pictured above. 

That's my new cardigan.  I love it! I got the dress on Saturday and the cardigan on Sunday and the weather was beyond gorgeous on Tuesday so it sort of felt like when you're young and you get to wear your fresh back to school clothes.  I know it's still Summer but it felt like Fall and ooooooh man do I love me some Fall!!! How cute is that dress?!? I scored it thrift shopping with my Mom and the tag says faded glory so you know what that means right? It's from Walmart originally! Crazy. My hair was a little gross still from the hairspray incident of Monday so I just brushed it and threw it into two buns and added red barrettes to match the piping.   Because it was a tad rainy I also got to wear my favorite Wellies.  I am in need of some new Fall boots since I had to throw away my favorite faux suede black ones late Spring, as the entire back was blown out and the bottoms had holes.  Now my newer black sweater top boots are falling apart from the inside out and my favorite funny bird/swirl pattern boots have a huge hole/are ripped from the heel seam in the back of one of them.  Blargh!  Guess I need to make a trip to Payless or Bare Feet Shoes right quick! 

Anyway, enough rambling about boots.  I spent my morning working on final revisions of two of my stories and then headed out to work.  I came home for more final revisions and then headed to school to drop it off.  My professor was all about my actual portfolio- pictured above.  I got it for $10 at Target. I am quite fond of it myself and added a cute embellishment to it- a name tag made from card stock, a Martha Stewart address label sticker, patterned craft scissors and a hole punch.  I hope she likes the stuff inside just as much.  

I came home and cleaned for awhile and then made gnocchi, pesto sauce, pesto cream sauce, red sauce, garlic bread and small salads for dinner.  Michael's cousin Michele came over with her son, Cash, and we hung out with them for a bit before eating and watching a dvr'd episode of Weeds.  

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