Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day three hundred hundred thirty-five.

Day Three Hundred Thirty-five Friday 7/30/10
Dress:  Grey Ruffled Shirt Dress
Purchased From:  Conway
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $7.00 (clearance baby!)
Accessories:  Black handmade handkerchief with Porno Smiles ironed on to it since Steve and I were team porno smiles. It's a inside joke that probably wouldn't translate very well and would lose its funny. Also navy blue knee socks with green poofs, black boots, giant sunglasses
Hair and Makeup:  Down and unbrushed, usual makeup with some silver and grey eyeshadows- all applied in the car on the way 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Lots of people commented on this here bloggy blog. Thanks all! 

Oh man, when Orsborn woke us up at 5:45 on Friday morning I thought it was a joke.  The room was pitch black and my body felt dead.  We groggily woke up and repacked our coolers and got dressed.  We headed out the door, stopped at Wawa for coffee and ice and then met up with everyone in the parking lot of Hoss's.  I felt wrecked but I was super excited.  Mike and Jess, the mama and papa of the trip arrived with their giant van and we loaded it up with at least fifteen coolers and other camping gear.  Finally we hit the road, headed for Chamberlain Canoes.  I was in Orsborn's car, which held a canoe on top.  This put us a little behind in schedule since we had to stop and adjust the shifting beast.  

We stopped again when we got lost thanks to google maps and then again at the welcome center for the boys to make poops.  I had a cappuccino from a machine for $0.90 that was surprisingly quite tasty. 

I also took a picture of Orsborn with his canoe but it didn't come out so great. 

We finally arrived at our destination of Chamberlain Canoes and unloaded all of our stuff into a giant trailer and then loaded ourselves into vans.  There were eighteen of us with two to come the following day.  Steve and I loaded our canoe with a bit of trepidation since we hadn't canoed in a total of thirty years between us.  I totally nerded it out and wore my life jacket only to be made fun of by everyone.  I didn't realize it until about an hour later when I looked around and saw no one else was wearing theirs.  D'oh.  At least I provided a good laugh for everyone.  Steve and I were not so hot at canoeing and I had no clue that I was to steer since I was in the back.  We went in many circles, we got a little scared, me more than him, and we certainly tacked back and forth across the river way more than we needed to.  After a few hours of being stupid and a few tips from our fellow canoers we got it down, enough.  No tipping was the most important aspect of the day for me though, I like my stuff dry.  Here are some photo highlights of the first day: 

We arrived at our destination only to find it was riddled with poison ivy.  Boo. We unloaded and set up camp and then went rubbed mud on our possible poison ivy areas and went swimming.  I got super cold because my body is silly so I got out and cooked dinner. It was bangin.  I made bbq seitan, corn on the cob and baked potatoes.  The potatoes were precooked but the rest was campfire cooking.  I fed the drunk Orsborn and Michael and Steve and I ate too.  Despite our drinking efforts on the river we did not get as drunk as Michael and Orsborn.  Despite the fact that I drank a 24oz Sparks I was tired and went to bed around 9:30.  Crazy.  It was cold and my hair was wet so I didn't sleep well, shivery sleep is my least favorite and stupidhead husband was too drunk to snuggle.  I was none too happy when the alarm went off at 6:40 the next morning.  


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