Wednesday, August 4, 2010

day three hundred hundred thirty-four.

Day Three Hundred Thirty-four Thursday 7/29/10
Dress:  Red Vintage Striped Dress
Purchased From:  Circle Thrift Clothing Swap
Year or Era Purchased: Spring 2010
Price: $FREE
Accessories:  new hat, some black boots, brown belt
Hair and Makeup:  Low pigtails and a hat, usual makeup and I think I had some 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Hmm, I think I got a compliment on the dress, definitely the hat from my friend Gert.  

I got this dress at the clothing swap and it fell below my knees.  It looked matronly and ugly so I decided to chop it off and make it fall mid-thigh.  That didn't work out too well since the cut was wicked choppy and it looked like something out of the Flintstones.  Since Michael taught me to use my sewing machine I pulled out that bad boy and hemmed the bottom.  Unfortunately, when I originally chopped at the dress like a cavewoman I didn't allow extra fabric for a hem so it ended up insanely short.  I rocked it anyway, despite the fact that I then ruined the dress a bit more by severing the hemline when I tried to rid the dress of the excess fabric that reached over the hemline. Woe is me.  I safety pinned that bitch.  I bought this hat on Wednesday at Target, on clearance for $7.48. I was shopping for camping supplies and decided it was a must-have based on the advice from my friend Rica to wear a hat when canoeing.  

I had a million things to do on Thursday since our canoe trip was to begin at 6:30 am on Friday.  I had to work, go to Whole Foods for more food supplies, Essene for vegetarian marshmallows, get tequila, go to school and take a midterm, pack, etc., etc.  I was actually on time and starting my day right.  I did my first job, letting out a slew of dogs at my friend Kelly's house.  I finished and attempted to continue working only to be smashed into by a Silverado while crossing Frankford Ave with a full green light.  That put a real wrench in my plans for the day.  I remember seeing him from the corner of my eye and my first thought was I don't have time for this, I have too much to do today. That's probably not the best thought to have right before a car accident.  I need to rethink this invincibility feeling I've got going on.  The dickhead didn't have his license or information on him and when I yelled at him something mean like "What's wrong with you, why wouldn't you stop at a fucking red light?" He said the sun was in his eyes and he thought he had a green.  His story changed after the cop arrived when he  straight lied and said he had a green light.  Ass.  He didn't have his info when the cop arrived but his cop wife showed up with it shortly after and spoke to the cop on the scene. Shady, shady.  I was still listed as the first person, the car hit, on the accident report and luckily my friend Gert saw the whole thing since she was exiting her grooming salon to throw out some garbage.  Had I known the asshat was going to lie I could have collected at least five other witnesses.  Ugh.  

We had to wait hours for the whole thing to be resolved and for the Element to be towed to the shop.  The accident occurred at 12:50 and I didn't leave the scene until 3.  Dumb. Michael drove me around to the jobs I didn't cancel and then we went to Whole Foods.  I had to nix the rest of my errands and my head started to pound like crazy.  I didn't go to class and missed my midterm.  Dumb.  I used to the time to get rid of my headache and then pack for canoeing.  We didn't get to our friend Orsborn's house until close to midnight and our wake up time was 6 am.  No good.  Michael broke his Iphone screen as soon as we got there and we were all tired and cranky.  I'd barely eaten so we stopped at Wawa and I had a disgusting bagel sandwich, quite possibly the worst I've ever eaten. We finally fell asleep in the hottest fucking apartment on the most uncomfortable, so not for two people, couch and got a good three hours of sleep.  Stupid day. 


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