Friday, August 6, 2010

day three hundred hundred thirty-seven.

Day Three Hundred Thirty-seven Sunday 8/1/10 Rabbit Rabbit
Dress:  Black Strapless Dress
Purchased From:  Super Thrift
Year or Era Purchased: Summer 2010
Price: $3.95
Accessories:  Pink on pink striped socks, black boots, white bandana on wrist, black kerchief for some time, giant black sunglasses, black hoodie not pictured
Hair and Makeup:  Down, unbrushed with a sunburned scalp, usual makeup 
Comments/Compliments/Complaints: Cameron commented on the fact that I was putting on makeup in the woods. 

It was kind of cold on Sunday so I wore my black hoodie a lot of the day. I woke up to the sound of pouring rain, okay not really I just like to start typing the lyrics to I Remember You by Skid Row.  I heard a few drops of rain on the tent and my mind must be conditioned from the many rainy motorcycle camping days and nights to react to the sound of raindrops.  I freaked out and rain out of the tent to check on what exactly I'm not sure.  We had some supplies out but who cares, it was the last day, we were going home.  I realized that there was no need for a freak out because it was barely even raining and we had a lovely tree cover. Of course I couldn't get back to sleep.  It was something like a little after seven. Dumb. I wasn't the only one up so I started making coffee and breakfast.  I made hash browns with scrambled eggs, bagels and cream cheese, and veggie bacon and sausage. It took me forever but it was delicious once it was done.  I put on some makeup while I waited for the potatoes to cook and the french press to brew or whatever a french press does.  

I got dressed and snuck off into the woods to take pictures.  It felt absolutely ridiculous.  The drunk peeps woke up slowly and eventually we were all up and tearing down camp.  It went by way, way too fast.  

We took the last few miles of canoeing very, very slowly and barged up for a large part of it.  At one point we had megabarge- all of the canoes at once.  I think someone got a picture of it but I haven't seen one yet. Here's an attempt at a sideview.

Semi Mega barge coming in for a mega barge: 

Mike walked alone for a bit. It looked bad ass. 

We barged up and slowly floated for hours, taking a break for some cliff diving.  Four people jumped- Caleb, Michael, Angie and Curtiss.  I was only fast enough to photograph Michael and Angie. 



We took a minute to photograph the ladies of the trip- that includes Jeff and Orsborn in the back. 

We paddled a lot since it got windy.  That kind of sucked.  Eventually we all made it to the beach and unpacked our stuff and then loaded it on the trailers.  My camera battery died just in time for a group picture but luckily Cameron had his. 

We stopped at Minisink and ate weird fried foods and salads and sandwiches and then headed back to Hoss's parking lot. Michael had to drive Orsborn's car since Orsy lost his glasses.  I then had to drive Orsborn's car back to West Chester and then eventually Michael, Steve and I drove back to Philly.  We arrived home around 11:30 exhausted and dirty.  Good times.   


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